Joe was accepted at the University of Rochester where he will major in mechanical engineering and minor in audio engineering and plans to run track. Joe was drawn to the university’s Eastman School of Music since he has played the alto sax in the school band since the 5th grade.

AP Experience

Joe has also taken 8 AP classes. “I took the AP courses not only for college but to challenge myself,” said Joe. “Earning college credit and a higher GPA for applications is certainly fantastic, but feeling more challenged in the classroom motivates me to continuously work hard.

“I can also definitely say there is no way we could have paid for all of the tests associated with the AP classes,” said Joe. “These classes made school more enjoyable and made my dream of college possible. If I hadn’t taken the AP classes, my college applications would not have been so strong. But the most important result for me was a newfound love of the sciences. Up until the 11th grade, science was my least favorite subject. This was immediately followed by history, which actually ended up enjoyable because of my teachers. When I took AP Physics with Dr. Doyle, I became extremely interested and would now consider physics as a possible future career,” said Joe.

“In all likelihood, without help from the BEF, I would have had to budget my money and decide which AP courses I thought were the most important,” said Joe. “However, if I had done this, I may have never experienced the classes that I now know sparked new passions and motivated me day in and day out.”

Advice to fellow students

“To future upper classmen, I would say if you are seriously considering AP classes, then in all likelihood you have the self motivation to make it through the class. Push yourself and stay disciplined and you will succeed. Also, the teachers I’ve had along the way were the best part. All the teachers I’ve had here are great, and the AP teachers’ passion is a cut above and makes it worth it,” said Joe.

Additional interests

In addition to Joe’s academic and music resume at Bloomfield High School, he is captain of both the track and football teams. Joe was chosen as a finalist in the NY Giants Heart of a Lion competition. Every high school in NJ, NY and CT named a player for consideration. This initiative is sponsored by NY Giants, USA Football and The Hospital for Special Surgery.

Joe has an older brother who attends Bloomfield College majoring in English and animation. His Mom works at Our Lady of the Presentation Parish, and is a PhD candidate at Felician College. His Dad, according to Joe, did not finish college.