In 2014, the BEF Bengal Pride in Educational Excellence Campaign pledges $250,000 over the next five years to support:

SAT Prep and Test Program

SAT Prep for Bloomfield High School students: All Bloomfield High School students can join in on free SAT classes to increase their scores. Scores have gone up and students are taking the initiative!

In 2014, 28 students took the test. In 2015, that number increased to an amazing 267, with 90% of students seeing an increase of 100 points. The other 10%? They had an increase of 200 points! These points can help the students of Bloomfield get into the college of their dreams, and that’s all we could ever want; success for the students of Bloomfield.

AP Test Initiative

The AP Test Initiative gives students the opportunity in Bloomfield High School to take their AP tests for free. We don’t believe money should be a constraint for students to succeed. We are here for you!

In 2010, 71 students took 134 tests. In 2014, that number doubled to 142 students took 251 exams! In 2015, 205 students took 388 exams!

AP Professional Development

The AP Professional Development (AP Institute) program helps teachers prepare for the AP test and effectively help their students prepare for the test.

Donations are still being accepted for this game-changing program at Bloomfield High School.