Online Grant Application FINAL 3-26-17 (1)

The Joseph Kliminski Teacher Grant

The Joseph Kliminski Teacher Grant gives $500 for certain educational projects that are outside of the traditional school budget for which they need funding. These grants allow our teachers to think out of the box and create space through which their creativity can blossom.

Extraordinary Grants are for amounts over $500.

Applications are due November 1 for projects to be implemented in the spring and May 1 for projects to be implemented the fall of that year. To apply, download this and complete this form.

Apply Here

Applications should be sent to:


14 Hatfield Street
Caldwell, NJ 07006

Students from schools all over the district have benefitted from these grants! We recognize teachers who have fresh ideas that will benefit their students and we fund them. Teachers plant the seed; we help it grow.

The BEF has funded:

  • Technology for all grades
  • Various literary programs
  • Several science clubs and programs
  • STEM Summer Camps at the Middle School